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Image by Pietro Battistoni

I identify as a feminist, a parent of a tiny human, a recovering perfectionist,

and a cishet white woman (she/her). I am an Aries Sun & Rising, Leo Moon, Enneagram Type 9, and an ISFJ. I was raised in the hardwood forest of

southern Indiana, the ancestral homelands of the Miami, Delaware,

Potawatomi, and Shawnee people. 

I am a WA State Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC). I earned my

MA in Counseling from Bastyr University, where I learned to look to the

body's wisdom for healing. My early practical training at ACRS and MEND Seattle focused on dating violence prevention, culturally focused counseling,

and weaving intersectional feminism into the therapy process.

I have been serving clients in my private practice since 2018, focusing 

on their agency in a world that makes us all feel we are not enough. My clinical work and my personal journey as a femme and a new mother have fueled my passion for working in service of POC, birthing people, new parents,

queer-identified folks, girls, women, and gender-fluid individuals.

I continue to expand my therapeutic knowledge and skills by attending

trainings related to working with anxiety and the nervous system, perinatal mental health, and social justice. My areas of expertise include working with stress, anxiety, perfectionism, and significant life transitions.

Outside of my client sessions, I love to connect with my family, be in nature,

learn from the tarot, and read young adult fiction. I grew up with goats,

chickens, cats, dogs, and gardens full of flowers.  Spending time among these creatures always rejuvenates me. I would be honored to meet you and help

you in whatever way I can along your journey.  

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