I identify as an open-hearted feminist healer, a recovering perfectionist, an amateur gardener, and
a straight white cis woman raised in the woods of southern Indiana.  I use she/her pronouns. 

I am a WA state Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) in Seattle (Lic#LH61015613). I earned my MA in Counseling Psychology in 2017 from Bastyr University, where my work focused on integrating the body and nervous system with mental health healing.  During my graduate program, I worked for one year with Asian Counseling and Referral Service (ACRS), providing culturally focused counseling to youth in schools across King county.  At ACRS, I had the privilege of facilitating a peer-to-peer dating violence prevention group for female-identified youth who lifted one another up.  After graduate school, I completed a year of clinical training with MEND Seattle (formerly Seattle Therapy Alliance), serving adult female and non-binary folks.  At MEND, I completed a critical social theory curriculum and applied intersectional feminism and social justice into my work with clients.  My experiences with MEND and with ACRS have fueled my passion for working in service of the empowerment of people of color, queer-identified folks, girls, women, and gender-fluid individuals.  

I continue to expand my therapeutic knowledge and skills by working in a holistic eating disorder treatment program and attending trainings related to Health at Every Size®, gender and sexuality, and social justice. My areas of expertise include working with grief and loss, anxiety, and healing relationship with body, toxic whiteness, and gender identity.  I am a member of the Seattle Counselors Association, the Association for Contextual Behavioral Science, and the Health at Every Size® Community Provider Registry.

When I'm not doing healing work, I love to connect to community, be in nature, learn from the tarot, and read young adult fiction.  

I am invested in cultivating meaningful and lasting relationships with the close people in my life. I prioritize caring for my whole self,

and attend to how I spend my time (ideally in the most life-affirming ways possible). I grew up with goats, chickens, cats, dogs, and

gardens full of flowers.  Spending time among these creatures always rejuvenates me. 

I would be honored to meet you and help you in whatever way I can along your journey.  



1417 NW 54th Street, Suite #433, Seattle, WA 98107 
Phone: (206) 485-4855