Fall Tokens


holistic counseling for teens and adults

welcome to my practice.

I'm glad you are here.

I imagine by the time these words are being read, much thought, energy, and bravery has led to the openness to therapy. Stress and uncertainty can lead us away from our inner knowing, feeling stuck, tender, and untrusting. I believe that our suffering is often related to separation, and therapy is a place to explore possibility for increased connection. I use a holistic, collaborative, and feminist approach to therapy. I focus heavily on the strengths and resilience of my clients to help us find a way forward.



Common experiences that lead clients to begin this work with me include:


 Stress & Anxiety

Self Esteem


Identity Challenges


Women's Issues

Body Image

Pregnancy & Postpartum 

Effects of:  Toxic Whiteness, Misogyny, 

Homophobia, Capitalism

Folks who work with me seek to better understand themselves, their connections, and that which gives their lives greater meaning. I love working with clients who are crossing a threshold in their lives, such as a change in school or work, starting a family, supporting an aging parent, or moving through grief and loss. Many of my clients are exploring a new identity or opening to an identity that has been there all along. My new clients often tell me they no longer recognize themselves or are not sure where to go next - the original life plan is no longer workable or applicable. Exploring nonlinear, nonbinary, or unscripted ways of being can bring up fear and discomfort. Through the therapy process, we work together to manage the natural stress that arises with change. We practice together what it looks like to open to the meaningful and powerful thresholds our lives present to us.

I provide weekly counseling for teens and adults in Seattle, Bellingham, and across Washington State.