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Holistic Counseling for Pregnancy and Postpartum 



I'm so glad you are here.

You might be considering pregnancy and parenthood in the near or distant future. You may be currently navigating pregnancy or preparing for birth. The shift to life with a baby may have led to so many changes that you don't know who you are anymore.

You are likely tired of trying to function, perform, or "get things right" in a fast paced, capitalist world. You often feel like you are not enough but you don't know what "enough" means. Maybe as a mother you find tension between your intuition/body wisdom and expectations of mothers in our dominant culture.

You may simply feel overwhelmed by life, surprised by the fact that "simple" things feel so challenging.  Anxiety, depression, or depletion may be showing up in new ways and lasting longer than usual. You may wonder if your current mental/emotional baseline is where you will live forever. Some part of you knows that it could be different but you aren't sure how.

You are a sensitive soul and the world feels harsh.

I love working with clients who are crossing a threshold, exploring a new identity or opening to an identity that has been there all along.  My clients yearn to better access their intuition and inner resources to respond to uncertainty and stress.

Exploring nonlinear or unscripted ways of being can bring up fear and discomfort. Through the therapy process, we work together to manage the natural stress that arises with change.

I support my clients in bringing increased flexibility and presence to life's wild unfolding. 

I would be honored to be a resource for you during pregnancy and beyond.

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