Fall Tokens


holistic counseling for teens and adults

welcome to my practice.

I'm glad you are here.

Everyone has a story that wants and needs to be heard.  Sometimes we can lose touch with our inner

voice, leaving us feeling stuck and uncertain, unable to trust ourselves.  Old ways we learned to survive

may no longer help us live our best lives. I believe that our suffering is often related to separation, and 

healing depends on creating a new connection with ourselves, our wise animal bodies, and our community. 

I aim to empower my clients to guide their own growth process, as they are the experts in their own lives.

Being human is complicated.  Folks who work with me seek to better understand themselves, their

relationships, and that which gives their lives greater meaning and purpose.  I love working with clients

who are crossing a threshold in their lives, such as a change in relationship or career, preparing for

college, being touched by birth or death, exploring a new identity, or opening to an identity

that has been there all along.  Common themes in my work include stress, anxiety, perfectionism, grief,

gender identity, body image, pregnancy and postpartum, and healing from trauma and oppression.   

I use a holistic, collaborative, and feminist approach to therapy. 

I focus heavily on the strengths and resilience of my clients to help us find a way forward.

I provide weekly counseling for teens and adults in Seattle, Bellingham, and across Washington State.