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Image by Daniil Silantev


holistic counseling for anxiety and uncertainty


I'm so glad you are here.

Likely you are feeling stressed, anxious, or burned out (or all three!).

Perhaps something has just turned your world upside down. The original life plan is no longer workable or applicable. You don't know how to navigate this new, unfamiliar landscape. 

You are tired of trying to function, perform, or get things right in a fast paced, capitalist culture. You constantly feel like you are not enough but you don't know what "enough" means. Maybe you don't identify as "Type A", but - if you are honest with yourself- you experience  sneaky perfectionism and you find it hard to let go.  

You might be pregnant or on a journey of becoming a new parent and you are swimming in uncertainty. 

You are a sensitive soul and the world feels harsh.

Folks who work with me seek to better understand themselves, their connections, and what gives their lives greater meaning. I love working with clients who are crossing a threshold, exploring a new identity or opening to an identity that has been there all along.


Exploring nonlinear, nonbinary, or unscripted ways of being can bring up fear and discomfort. Through the therapy process, we work together to manage the natural stress that arises with change. We practice opening to the meaningful and powerful thresholds our lives present to us.

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